Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It's been ages, and a lot has been going on both in my public and
private life. Though the matters concerning my private life I will not
discuss here, but I will talk about public matters.

First of all, I'm desperately trying to find money to be able to renew
my DeviantArt subscription which expires in 4 days unfortunately :/

Second of all, I'm going through a stage of a lot of research towards
the development of "The Hunt", my main project, so I'm at full throttle
with that.

Third of all, Thanksgiving was great, had fun those days off from
school, and go to see Sam and hanged out with Aviva and Sam's friend

Anime Supercon as well as Buzz Bake Sale is this weekend, and I gotta
decide which one of the two I will be attending, blah I dunno.

Take care everyone!