Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sick of Getting Sick!

Godddd, if there's one thing I hate deeply it has to be falling sick. I guess it is all tied to the climate change I underwent when I moved down to Buenos Aires after living for 6 years in Florida's hot and humid weather. But god did I have to get every illness all at once? Like, Jesus give me a break, I had tonsillitis about 3 weeks ago, and then recovered after a week of meds and two weeks later I fell sick again, and I been for the past week at home recovering again ¬¬ I'm soooo tired of this crap, I'm missing nights out with friends, I also missed two b-day parties of my friend Juls and my friend Euge.
This upcoming weekend there will be a lot of catching up to do, I repeat:

I will be posting some new photos of last weekend with Juls and DJ Danny Lee very soon!
Hope you are all doing fine, take care and long live the fun!