Sunday, July 15, 2007

Working hard...

...and moving as quickly as I can to make some progress on my latest story. But let me do some(lol) explaining to clear things a bit before I go on.

"The Hunt" has been my largest project to date, but after 2 years of planning it had expanded so tremendously from it's initial idea and gotten so huge that it definitely needed some editing to size it down and be condensed into a better story.

However, it remains the largest project I've started.

Back in the beginning, when I began working on it, it all commenced with simple ideas, but mainly I had this one planet, "Aniva", and I had decided that all of my stories were to take place somewhere within this new universe I was creating. Such a decision would mean that I had to implement the variable of time, which if taken into consideration could become a great advantage towards many story lines. I then began working on a time line for this new "world", one which would show major historical events, etc. This way I could use the time line as a reference later when writing any story. I would only need to choose a time frame and there, I had many fictional events to work around if I decided to begin something new.

But "
The Hunt" was different, and it needed to be divided into more than one story. I had been thinking about it for a while now, but it wasn't until recently that I had finally decided to separate the story into separate ones. So now I have officially divided into two stories. [Though I am considering a 3rd one.]

  • The earlier, primitive part takes place near the end of the Purification Era (0Dimitic-)
  • The later, technological part takes place in the far future towards the beginning of a Dark Tech Age (354Allistor-)
And this is where I stand at the moment. I made the decision to work first on the later part, and it's my main project at the moment.

More to come...

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