Monday, October 27, 2008

Time for a Long Recap of the past few months!

Alright so this will be a simple summary of all the events that took place in my life since my last official post, and believe me a lot of changes happened, haha ;D!

To begin with, I am no longer in the US. As of June the 19th I am residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and to be honest it has been a HUGE change :P
I was able to meet up with all of my old friends here, and it has truly been a great experience. They have shown me around the place, and taken me to many different clubs and places. However it hasn't been all fun and giggles, on August 19th I began college at the University of Palermo (UP), and I will be majoring in Graphic Design. College is crazyyy lol, there's so much work and projects to do, and I definitely need to start locking out some hours to sleep haha XD

Other than that, Argentina is great, I really enjoy attending events, and going clubbing, as well as being able to spend time with my family again, which hadn't happened for the past 6 years that I was in the US :P

The reason I have returned to bring this blog to life is that has been closed because of a lack of funding, and I lost my blog there :S Though I hope to make this one as interesting and fun as that one, or even better.

Here are some pictures of several different nights since I got here:

More to come!!!



Anonymous said...

Ha! Loving the nightlife! I remember your last day here and our attempt to film a video inspired by the happening!

[JX] said...

Yes, I still have the videos and they crack me up everytime I watch them! XD

Love ya!


david santos said...

Great Style!
Good inspiration!!!

[JX] said...

Thank you very much David!

mateo said...

Buenos Aires ♥

[JX] said...

Sii, Buenos Aires <3 jaja

Besoss Mateo

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